August 2014

In April, Sudan’s Omar al Bashir launched a “decisive summer” military campaign throughout Sudan’s marginalized regions.

In Darfur, South Kordofan/Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile the Khartoum regime has escalated bombing attacks, rebranded and legitimized the brutal Janjaweed militias as “Rapid Support Forces” operating throughout Sudan and continued to deny humanitarian aid workers access to many parts of the country, including even banning the Red Cross.

While violence against civilians across Sudan has escalated to levels unseen since the height of the Darfur genocide, few Americans are aware of it. For many, the Darfur genocide is something they speak of in the past tense – and their political leaders are following suit.

As the media has largely ignored the ongoing devastation in Sudan, neighboring South Sudan continues to face a civil war. Less than three years after gaining independence from Sudan, a power struggle within the ruling political party recently mutated into an armed conflict, killing thousands and displacing 1.5 million people. Despite an agreement to “end the conflict,” clashes persist and state collapse is still possible. Now many South Sudanese are streaming across the border into Sudan, and the violence is affecting the hundreds of thousands of Sudanese refugees who had been sheltering there. Pockets of famine and genocidal targeting are threatening both countries and the intensifying conflicts are pulling in neighboring states.

These challenges require a much greater U.S. diplomatic effort than present capacities allow. The U.S. cannot positively influence outcomes in Sudan and South Sudan without significantly enhancing its efforts in the areas of accountability and consequences, diplomacy and peacemaking, and aiding and protecting the most vulnerable.

Join ordinary citizens in all 50 states in our own Decisive Action Sudan campaign. Here are three ways to help get more people involved:


Action #1: Sign On

Add Your Name to End Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Sudan and South Sudan

In support of petitions from Jewish World Watch, Enough Project, and Act for Sudan, over 2,900 people have already signed their name this summer asking the U.S. Government to do more to address the situations in Sudan and South Sudan. (Note that signature count is updated weekly.) Sign now and ask Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice to push the U.S. Government to do what it takes to end genocide and crimes against humanity in Sudan and end the conflict in South Sudan.


Action #2: Join the Conversation

Decisive Action Sudan: Live on Air August 19

August 19th is World Humanitarian Day. Decisive Action Sudan organized an inspiring conversation between Mo Ahmed, Banaa Scholar (from Darfur), Ismail Abdulrhman, Darfur United soccer player, and Omer Ismail, Senior Policy Advisor at the Enough Project. View the conversation here:

Panel will be facilitated by Enough Project’s Akshaya Kumar and participants include Members of Congress, leading Sudan experts, a Darfur United football/soccer player, and others.

Start a conversation in your community by writing a Letter to the Editor:

Sample Letter to the Editor


Action #3: Lobby for Change

In-District Lobbying for Sudan during August in all 50 States

Engage your local Member of Congress in a meeting about Sudan. Educate them about the current situation and ask them to support peace by strengthening diplomatic efforts, building economic leverage over the government, securing delivery of humanitarian aid, and prioritizing the protection of citizens. Setting up a meeting is easy, and we can help. Our goal is to have meetings in all 50 states.

Get started by registering and downloading the In-District Lobbying Guide:

Register Now

In-District Lobbying Guide

Sample Meeting Agenda

Leave Behind Asks for MoCs

Sudan/South Sudan Backgrounder


Learn More

Educate yourself and community using these easy tools and downloads.

Janjaweed Reincarnate

South Sudan Conflict Timeline

Darfur Refugee Food Crisis

Timeline: Sudan History

Sudan/South Sudan Backgrounder

Decisive Action Sudan is a collaborative campaign led by organizations working to end genocide and ethnic violence in Sudan and South Sudan. They include Act for Sudan, Carl Wilkens Fellowship, Enough Project, iACT, Jewish World Watch, STAND, and United to End Genocide.

Media courtesy of Nuba Reports and i-ACT.